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About Us

Why Proper?

Proper Health was created with the aim to supply Kiwis (and people abroad) with high-quality nootropics and general health supplements that bring proper results. We found that many of the best products weren't available here in NZ, and the shipping costs and times made it very difficult and frustrating (International post can be quite inconsistent!) to actually get the supplements we sought out.

Our aim is to supply the best supplements, that bring real noticeable benefits in combination with fast shipping times and the best customer service around.

When we say high-quality, we don't just throw that word around willy-nilly. There is a high prevalence of pseudo-science in the supplement industry really gets to us, many products over hype and under deliver.

We find It's either 

  • The cheapest sourced ingredients,
  • Not enough of the ingredients to create any benefits or
  • Fake science covered up with fancy words! 

Proper Health’s Commitment To You

We are committed to bringing our customers the best supplements

  • - Proper Ingredients

  • We only use the best quality versions with the highest absorption rate. (Putting sugar in cold water, it won't dissolve well, but put it in hot water it will dissolve easily... This is the same concept!)
  • We source each ingredient in the most bioavailable, most effective form it can come in. So you are getting the bang for your buck!

    - Proper Quality

    We don't source ingredients from any old random, sketchy supplier. We make sure our raw ingredients have no nasties that will strip away the health benefits of our products.

    We are big believers in 3rd party testing and in-house testing of the products we stock. If it's on our website - its ticked all the boxes in health and safety, good manufacturing practices and hygiene.

    - Proper Science

    These days, with how easy and available it is to access information on the internet, has led to a mix of good and bad information. We believe there are more misinformation and fake science in the supplement industry then there is good information and solid science.
  • All the products we stock have been implied to produce the effects stated on the bottles with scientific trials and research.

    We know how hard it is to sift through the conflicting information out there regarding supplements. With misleading facebook pictures about kale, to magazines and blogs regurgitating and writing health articles who are more concerned with Adsense revenue than producing legitimate content.
  • Proper Health has done the hard work for you and filtered out all the woo-woo and found the real gold nuggets of supplements.

  • Proper Results

    There is certainly no point in using a supplement if it doesn't even produce a single benefit!

    We are confident that you will feel positive effects on your health after using our products! If you find you are unhappy with any purchase from Proper Health, then feel free to contact us at